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Which Marketing Tactics Best Fit Your Business Goals?

Often, it is not immediately clear where your marketing plan should begin. There are many channels to consider for an initial campaign. To ensure that your budget is maximized — Six7 provides detailed analysis of your target audience, the market opportunity and the competition.

Integrated Advertising Strategy to Increase Sales

If you’ve ever heard a good piano player, you know that by themselves they can create beautiful music. But, combine the piano with a guitar, saxophone, vocalist and a few other pieces. Suddenly, you have a richer and more powerful sound.

Similarly, marketing tools may deliver one level of results when used alone or independent of each other. However, when you combine the tools into an integrated media plan — a cohesive symphony of marketing efforts with coordinated timing and consistent messaging — the synergy increases results dramatically.

Our marketing agency simplifies the advertising process for our clients. With the emergence of new media, there are more opportunities than ever to build your brand and increase sales through a powerful, scientifically engineered advertising plan.


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Strategy & Consulting

"Marketing is a process, not an event."

Identify your target customer

Research the competitive landscape

Maximize yield for every advertising dollar spent

Deliver a cohesive experience of your brand



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