Graphic Design

What makes your company what it is and what characteristics make it unique? Is it creativity, expertise or adventure? There is an array of possibilities. When you truly understand why you are different and embrace that reason, your consumers will as well. It allows your customers to relate to you on a completely different level. You are showing them that you are a different breed of business – one that has a strong identity and can be held accountable to it. Your brand identity is ultimately defined by how the customer FEELS about you.


Logo Design

A brand’s logo design should evoke a positive emotional connection with the target audience. The logo design should also be clear and engaging. Six7 helps you bridge the gap between how you WANT the consumer to perceive your brand, and how the customer actually DOES perceive your brand. To do this, we define your target audience, how you differentiate from the competition, and what is the unique value that your company provides to the marketplace.


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Marketing Materials

When the branding of a company is moving forward at full speed, then it can be a great challenge to keep the message consistent across all print marketing materials. Many specifications need to be taken into consideration — for example — print size, material and color scheme. Six7 has strong relationships with dependable print vendors. We will guide the production of your marketing materials according to all of your preferences.


Promote brand loyalty with a unified experience

Consistent brand identity across all forms of media

Delineate what makes your brand unique

Connect with your customer in a meaningful way

Foster a relationship of trust



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