Social Media Marketing

Social Media Company with Personalized Approach

Social Media Marketing is a gradual process that — whether you like it or not — requires a strategic plan by a social media company that is dedicated to business performance.  Six7 methodically grows your online marketing presence.

Six7 is a social media agency that optimizes your company profiles within the organic, non-paid newsfeeds and search results of each distinct social platform. Each profile requires different set-ups, but should deliver consistent company details. It is helpful to implement a content editorial calendar so that there is an organized publication schedule for each social platform.


Social Media Services

Six7 is a social media firm that helps you identify which channels your brand should be using. We leverage social media to engage your online marketing audience, drive traffic to your website and increase sales. Attribution is key. Which social platform is converting from impressions to customers? We track new customers by channel so that we can precisely match the campaign investments with the customer acquisition value. Within each platform — we measure the separate campaigns to identify the best performing advertisement design, promotional message, targeted audience and delivery schedule.

We have administered highly effective social media promotions, ranging from fun trivia to the raffle giveaway of a diamond necklace! Each promotion is tracked by using unique redemption codes that the customer must present at the point-of-purchase. If you have a dedicated budget for social media advertising, then we strategically manage this budget according to your online marketing goals.


Social Media & Online Marketing

A strong social media presence is important for brand awareness and customer service. Each platform represents an opportunity to deliver valuable content to your audience. Google and other major search engines recognize when your business is experiencing increased activity across social networks. In this respect, social media marketing and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand.

Social media has greatly impacted marketing. Businesses no longer limit themselves to traditional advertising channels. They have now turned to social media outlets and have integrated these platforms within their marketing campaigns. The evolution of social media will continue at a rapid pace, and Six7 Marketing is here to help.

Social Platforms that we manage for our Clients:


Social Media Marketing

Engage your audience in real-time

Identify which social channels best fit your brand

Carry out creative promotions to generate buzz

Signal to search engines that you are active on the web

Humanize your brand with customers



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