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Six7 is a CT SEO company that implements a local SEO (search engine optimization) approach in positioning your business ahead of the competition.

Building your business’ internet marketing presence is more important than ever. A website that just sits on a domain — hoping that someone might come across it randomly on the web — is simply not sufficient anymore. If you know that 100 people are down the street looking for specifically what you offer, wouldn’t you find yourself a bus and go pick them up? This is the essence of local SEO services and internet marketing.

Watch our video explaining how Local SEO will help your business:

Connecticut SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of positioning your website to rank highly on search results pages for the most relevant keyword phrases. It is not only something to do for your business online – it’s the foundation of your entire internet marketing strategy.

Our Connecticut SEO services are executed according to industry best practices. Our CT SEO experts conduct extensive SEO keyword research and competitor analysis for your field. The goal is to generate high quality visitors who fit the demographic and budgetary requirements of your business’ services. Our CT SEO specialists work tirelessly to reach prospective customers that would not have been able to otherwise discover your website in the search engines.

Our local SEO services are designed for long-term results as opposed to deceptive “black hat” spamming techniques which Google and other major search engines penalize. Such black hat techniques include hidden text and keyword stuffing. Our local SEO approach ensures that the web content is written for the users first, and THEN we strategize how to help the search engines more easily understand and index the content.

When we say that we are a results-driven SEO firm, we mean it. Here is an example of local SEO results achieved for a Six7 client:


Local SEO Consultant for Your Industry

Six7 specializes in local SEO services for all types of businesses, including:

Using Pay-Per-Click to Power the SEO Campaign: Integrated Strategy

The data and insights gathered from a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign can help us focus on the most powerful SEO implementation. The PPC data signals how Google is interpreting the information on your web pages, the quality of these pages, and which keyword phrases are most relevant to how prospective customers are searching for your business online. We can use these keyword insights to naturally optimize the website in Google search results. Then, your business will display as an advertisement at the top of Google AND within the natural search results below — for the same keyword search terms. Your business will cover more real estate on Google!


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