About Us

About Six7

Six7 Marketing makes all aspects of your marketing plan work together as a unified force, rather than allowing each to work in isolation. Your entire marketing strategy is optimized through a single agency.

We work tirelessly for our clients and pride ourselves in making your life easier. Six7 shortens the sales cycle for your business. We help your company grow by influencing customers to remember your brand when they are ready to buy.

Six7 Marketing is based in Fairfield, CT and we proudly service businesses of all sizes throughout Fairfield County and New York City.


Our Mission

At the center of Six7 Marketing’s approach is accountability. We strongly believe that the value of any idea is directly measurable in both usefulness and by how much it improves the client condition. Our mission is to do great work, be fiercely competitive and drive meaningful results.


Core Values

Always Accountable

Accountability is often defined as answerability to resulting consequences. Our view has a more positive spin to it — we take initiative and then appreciate the impact.

Loyal to Your Objectives

We always act with the best interests of our clients in mind, and we treat each project as if it were for our own business. We see ourselves as an extension of the client’s brand.


We never settle for the path of least resistance. We don’t run away from challenges — we view them as pivotal opportunities that are to be embraced.


Competition is not something from which we shy away. Market share is an indicator of how well a firm is doing against their competitors — we help our clients reach their potential.


Innovation is a critical trait of any strategic marketing agency. We are always tuned in to the latest industry trends, and contemplating how we can advance our client objectives.


We are confident in our approach. We are deliberate and calculated, so that the long-term consequences of our decisions translate into sustainable solutions for our clients.



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