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Six7 Marketing makes all aspects of your
marketing plan work together as a unified force
rather than allowing each to work in isolation. Your entire marketing strategy
is optimized through a single agency.
We work tirelessly for our clients and pride ourselves in making your life easier. Six7 shortens the sales cycle for your business.
We help your company grow by influencing customers to remember your brand when they are ready to buy.
Six7 Marketing is based in Fairfield, CT and we proudly service businesses of all sizes throughout Fairfield County and New York City.
At the center of Six7 Marketing’s
approach is accountability. We strongly
believe that the value of any idea is
directly measurable in both usefulness
and by how much it improves the client
condition. Our mission is to do great work,
be fiercely competitive and drive
meaningful results.


Scott Lipow
Scott Lipow
Managing Director
Josh Cohen
Josh Cohen
Special Advisor, Operations
Jonathan Wolinsky
Jonathan Wolinsky
Special Advisor, Technology
Sunil Patel
Sunil Patel
Director of Design
Sanjay Maniya
Sanjay Maniya
Director of Development

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