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How does Six7 Help YOU with Marketing Strategy?

As a full-service, integrated marketing agency in the NYC area, we understand that businesses are overwhelmed by the number of advertising channels available, both online and traditional.

Online marketing must be nurtured, focusing on the end-goal, using a strong call-to-action to convert the user into a customer. Offline advertising tactics can then be used to enhance your digital strategy.


Define Your Objectives, Audience & Message

Is your business priority to promote brand awareness, to grow your email subscriber list, or simply to increase sales? Describe the vision for the future of your business. Understand your customer -- who they are and where they can be reached. Analyze the market and competitive landscape. What makes your company unique? Then, craft a compelling call-to-action.


Identify the Channels to Deliver Your Message

Research all possible distribution channels. Define Your Marketing Mix. Each individual tactic contributes to a cohesive, coordinated plan. Then, unleash your call-to-action with a focus on conversions. The winning strategy is achieved with a unified brand experience, a user-friendly website, social media engagement... and much more.


Evaluate Results to Optimize the Campaign

There is always a sales cycle -- the goal is to shorten it. Focus on conversions and the return on your investment. Measure success accordingly. Your campaign should inspire brand loyalty and customer retention. Maintain relationships with your customers by delivering personalized, relevant content. Keep them engaged to cut through the clutter.


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